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About Us

NTRE was founded in 2009 with the start of one residential property in Atlanta, Georgia. From that one unit, the company has acquired income-producing real estate across the U.S. NTRE is a company whose expertise is derived from those who have nearly 25 years of experience in the mortgage lending, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and business consulting industry. Strengthened by having formed alliances with attorneys, mortgage brokers, and non-profit organizations, NTRE services our business partners with a broad range of options to make them successful. We stand by our core values of Performance Comes First, Business Partner Focus, Accountability and Continuity, and Power through Education.

The NTRE Difference

Performance Comes First: We are guided by the principle of performance comes first. We expect all assets to perform. In knowing this, we work diligently to acquire only real estate that will increase the long-term wealth and sustainability of our company and our partners.

Business Partner Focus: The firm focuses on developing our business partners and their businesses. We strive to take your ideas and build them into successful real estate ventures.

Accountability and Continuity: Our team at NTRE is responsible for guiding your business through its full life-cycle – from your articles of incorporation to various investments to strategic planning and execution.

Power through Education: We at NTRE know that power comes through education. We take pride in educating our business partners and associates about the real estate industry and then helping them to take that knowledge to create successful businesses and wealth for themselves.

Core Competencies & Value Strategy

The NTRE Company, LLC is a Real Estate Investment Company whose goal is to educate and create wealth for communities through real estate investment opportunities and training seminars. We are a group of professionals whose expertise include:

Real Estate Development and Acquisition
Property Management
Loss Mitigation
Business Modeling and Development
Training and Development

No matter what the situation is, we can turn a loss into a profit for both owners and investors alike.

Investment Opportunities

Great real estate investments can be complicated, but we can help you. NTRE can create value for our investors and community. A vertically integrated real estate company, we locate, buy, plan, renovate or new build, rent and manage, market and sell our own and investor properties. Our job is to demystify the intricacies of profitable property investment for you and your investments. Opportunities with NTRE exist in a variety of ways including:

Acquiring or selling investment properties
Development of your real estate portfolio
Joint venturing on specific larger building projects with both investors and landowners wishing to retain and grow their equity
Property management of residential and commercial properties

Our proven strategies emphasize sound investing in carefully researched, quality properties that have steady, long-term growth and appreciation potential. NTRE works closely with our business partners, investors, consultants, and advisers. We work to ensure that our business partners and investors know the details of our acquisitions processes, property management procedures and financial modeling clearly. With this level of transparency, our dedication, and the return on your investment, we will remain your trusted business partner for years to come.


Nate Tindall


Nathaniel W. Tindall, Ph.D. is the founding partner of NTRE, LLC, (“NTRE”), an Atlanta-based firm he formally founded in 2017. With 10 years of real estate experience, Dr. Tindall is a proven industry veteran. His areas of expertise cover all real estate sectors, including multifamily, office, and retail. He also has extensive public and private industry consulting experience in the areas of change management, business intelligence, and process improvement.

Robert Burson


Robert Burson has worked in the Mortgage Default Servicing Industry for more than 19 years. In that capacity, he has worked with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and The Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as National Law Firms and Mortgage Lenders. His role in the industry has included managing the non-performing assets as well as the performing portfolio and minimizing the lenders losses by performing loss mitigation. During the height of the Bankruptcy Crisis in the 1980’s, he pioneered a National Loss Mitigation Program with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mae and a National Law Firm that saved billions of dollars. He has been instrumental in working with Creditors Rights Law Firms in the training and development of banking representatives. During the Federal Mortgage Crisis, he worked closely with the Federal authorities auditing law firms, lenders and the portfolios of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Mr. Burson is very familiar with mortgage servicing, creating wealth through real estate and non- performing notes as well as performing loss mitigation. Currently, he serves as trainer and advisor to several investor firms and manages their portfolios.




A career with NTRE offers the opportunity to join a well-established real estate investment and management company. We are active in the entire real estate investment lifecycle, raising capital from investors; researching the real estate markets; and, acquiring, managing and selling residential and commercial properties.

At NTRE, while collaborating with some of the innovative and brightest minds in the real estate industry, your ideas and contributions will create impact for our investors, our partners and your colleagues. You will take leadership roles in the future as you develop a challenging and meaningful career.

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Calendar Events

Training Dates:

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June 1 – 4 2017. Boise, Idaho

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June 9-12 2017 New Orleans, Louisiana

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June 16- 18 2017 Fayetteville, NC

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July 6-9 2017 Greensboro, NC

Latest News

Creating Wealth through Real Estate

Creating wealth through real estate is something that everyone can do no matter how good or bad your credit might be, how much or how little money you might have, how much or how few assets you might have, or whether, or not, you have ever owned any real estate at all. As a matter of fact, many of the wealthy in the United States have accumulated their wealth through real estate while using their employment income to jump start their real estate acquisitions.

The goal of NTRE is to show everyday people how to use information that they come across every day to create wealth for themselves and their family. For example, NTRE is presently working with a homeowner who has a property that he no longer wants. However, the property owner is currently two months behind in his mortgage payments and he has been given permission by the lender to do a short sale of the property. A short sale is when the lender has agreed to allow the owner to sell the property for less than what the owner owes to the lender for the property. So, in this case, the property owner (known as the borrower) is selling the property for more than $70,000.00 below the market value of the property. So, the property is worth approximately $125,000.00 and the lender is allowed the property to be sold for $55,000.00. So, there are several opportunities for the property owner to benefit from this short sale as well as it is for NTRE who restored the homeowner, the community and created wealth and assisted the lender in minimizing its losses by preventing a foreclosure of the property from happening.
As an investor, one of the first things that NTRE did was to get one of its member realtors to list the property. After the property was listed, NTRE put a contract on the property and had one of its contractors to assess what it would cost to renovate the property to be able to sell the property for $125,000.00 and make a profit of $70,000.00. However, the other option that NTRE has with the property is to lease the property to someone who has less than perfect credit, work with that individual to repair that credit and then sell the property to that individuals five years down the road for what the value of the property will be at that time.

One of the benefits of being an investor is that there are so many opportunities to create wealth for the company while also assisting others to restore their credit and minimize the damage that a foreclosure or bankruptcy can do for them and their family. It is very good to have team players such as a mortgage broker, real estate broker and acquisition members on your team who come together to make it possible to acquire properties and create wealth. Fortunately, NTRE is also able to share its knowledge with others as well as grow its brand as it continues to work with others throughout the country. We are pleased to announce our growth and our ability to extend beyond our region into other territories. We are currently working on our next three properties where we have been able to acquire three rental properties with tenants by acquiring the note with no money down and look forward to sharing that story with you.

Welcome to NTRE

All it took was one idea. Sitting in front of the house that was to be my first home, I had the vision to use my first house as an investment tool to build my future – wealth. Wealth is not just cash, a check every month, simple savings, or a stock certificate, but an overall feeling of autonomy, freedom, and the ability to create something bigger and better from your own resources. I wanted that for myself and the idea of NTRE was birthed at that point.


From that point, I learned how to use my money to pay myself and create dividends for myself. From that property, I have gone on to purchase and/or invest in other real estate opportunities around the country. Through the creation of NTRE and the collaboration with my NTRE partners, we are expanding our network to include new investors in the real estate market who want to gain the knowledge of how to create a real estate business and establish the resources you need to be successful at finding great investments.


Our company is a company whose expertise is derived from those who have nearly 25 years of experience in the mortgage lending, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and business consulting industry. We have formed alliances with attorneys, mortgage brokers, and non-profit organizations so that we can service our business partners with a broad range of options to make them successful. We believe in creating great partnerships with everyday people who have the drive to create something for themselves.NTRE stands by our vision of:


“To build successful businesses for our partners and take their wealth and knowledge to a new level.”


I (as well as the rest of the team) hope to work with you soon and hope that we create new wealth opportunities together.


– Nathaniel W. Tindall, III, Ph.D.
Founding Partner